Pothole Possibilities

Sarah Amato and Monique McFarlane Pothole Possibilities

Sarah Amato and Monique McFarlane
Special Commission, Nuit Blanche Edmonton, 2015

Pothole Possibilities invited attendees of Nuit Blanche Edmonton 2015 to experience urban craters as art.

Throughout the night, Sarah Amato and Monique McFarlane decorated cracked roadway. In the exhibition area, pothole replicas were mounted on plinths and decorated as amusing vignettes.  Attendees were invited to take selfies in a giant pothole sculpture, and to compose letters and poems about potholes.



"For nine hours starting at 7 p.m., the city core and beyond became a scavenger-hunt playground of immersive art and design, much of it Trojan-Horsing deeper meanings of making do, staying hopeful and following guest artist Yoko Ono’s philosophy of seeing the glass neither half-empty or half-full, but rather entirely full. Sarah Amato and Monique McFarlane’s Pothole Possibilities was one example stuffing real potholes under the CN Tower with creative gestures..." - Fish Griwkowsky, "Nuit Blanche transforms downtown into art playground," Edmonton Journal, September 28, 2015

"The local irritants we love to hate are reclaimed and embraced by Sarah Amato and Monique McFarlane. The artists behind Pothole Possibilities will decorate these nuisances to create amusing illustrations. You’re invited to help out by composing letters, poems and other pothole-related reflections." - Allison Voisin, "Four Reasons to Loose Sleep Over Nuit Blanche," The Yards, Fall 2015